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Our Label: Sewn Into History

Our label pays tribute to our history, incorporating the Faribault Woolen Mill’s traditional marks and messages. It is your assurance of quality and comfort from one of the last vertical woolen mills in America.

Benefits of Wool

Natural &
Every year sheep grow a new fleece, making wool a renewable resource. Woolgrowers actively work to preserve natural resources for generations to come.
Recyclable &
Scrap and even used wool can be recycled to create new blankets and throws. And unlike synthetics, wool is biodegradable.
Wool is active, reacting to changes in body temperature to keep you warm when you’re cold but releasing heat and moisture when you’re hot. Looser weaves create true summer weight woolens.
Easy Care Wool fibers have a natural protective layer to resist stains. Recent innovations mean that most of our woolens can be machine washed and even dried.

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