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Greetings! Welcome to Faribault Woolen Mill Company, founded in 1865 and still producing gorgeous products here in our brick building on the National Register of Historic Places, overlooking the Cannon River waterfall in our similarly historic hometown. With all of the catalogs you’ll receive these next several weeks, we greatly appreciate that you opened ours.

We have two overarching goals at FWMC - 1) to absolutely thrill our customers with natural and sustainable woolen products of unsurpassed quality, beauty and value; and 2) by being successful at #1, to build more American middle class jobs.

Our company is undergoing a renaissance, which is evident in the following pages filled with new products and new designs, including some from esteemed guest artists. Starting with sofa throws that appeal to your heart and warm your home, to satin-edge bed blankets, to classy soft scarves, to sharp-looking sweaters, vests and coats, to impressive tote bags, there’s much in the following pages for you to enjoy or give as a gift to family and friends.

Thank you for your support of our Made in USA company. We wish you a wonderful fall and holiday season.

Warm Regards,

Paul Grangaard

Chariman & CEO