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Made in America. Those words mean everything to our company. So it was especially exciting for us to be featured on David Muir’s World News Tonight “Made in America” segments in December.

To the left is a still shot of me on the show, holding our newest sofa/outdoor blanket – We the People. It seems a perfect time in our history to bring out a product that speaks of We the People forming a more perfect union, ensuring domestic tranquility, promoting the common welfare.

The photo of our workers to the right, though, is the most important one. Made in America means jobs. It means community, livelihoods, families, and shared purpose.

It was such a thrill to see our team shouting “Made in America” on TV. We were honored to be included. We’d be honored to have you as customers. After 155 years in the wool business, we’re more grateful than ever for your support.

Best wishes,

Paul Grangaard

Chariman & CEO