Pick your perfect blanket.

Let’s find you the perfect blanket.

It’s not the same for everyone. But finding your perfect blanket is easy with the range of options from Faribault. 


Think of lightweight blankets like your first line of defense against the chills. Perfect for layering, but breathable for a cool summer night. Find your lightweight comfort with a Border Plaid Throw or an Alpine Blanket. 

Midweight blanketsbring a versatility to match the wild weather. Substantial enough for a cold night around the fireplace or laid out on the grass for a picnic. Get that midweight best of all worlds with the Foot Soldier Collection or the Pure & Simple Blanket. 

When you take warmth seriously, heavyweight blankets bring you dense, plush comfort to kick any chills. And with ultra-soft wool, you’ll never want to leave. Dig in with the Revival Blanket or Summit Blanket. 


If you want pure, plush comfort, look for an ultra-soft blanket. With sleek and cozy softness, you’ll feel like you’re cuddled up in a cloud. Find that ultimate cushiness with an Alpine Blanket. 

With a more natural wool feel, soft blankets are our bread and butter. The simple, traditional feel of wool brings the warmth and comfort loved for more than a century. Cozy up with a Pure & Simple Blanket to see for yourself. 

Recycled wool blankets like the Utility Blanket use a combination of natural wool and nylon to give extra durability without sacrificing softness or comfort. These are our most environmentally sustainable products, crafted from a combination of leftover virgin wool fiber and sewing scraps spun into our recycled yarn.  

Let’s dig in on the best way to cuddle in.

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