Homer Hanky Masks

We are teaming up with Love Your Melon, the Minnesota Twins, Star Tribune, and Cub Foods to convert excess inventory of the 2019 Homer Hankies into much-needed face masks. Together, we are making over 10,000 face masks to begin, which will be distributed to healthcare providers, emergency service members, patients, and families in Minnesota that are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This red and white Homer Hanky design was introduced by the Star Tribune and Cub Foods for the Minnesota Twins AL Central division championship in 2019 as a promotional item. To combat material and textile waste, we are partnering with the Minnesota Twins and Love Your Melon to convert the overstock of this Homer Hanky to produce face masks. Each Homer Hanky will yield approximately 5 face masks with little to no cutting waste.

The 2019 Homer Hanky is a 100% cotton terry cloth towel. The resulting masks meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for cloth face coverings, as they will provide comfort and security, while serving as an additional line of defense to droplets. The red and white Homer Hanky will be used on the outer side of the mask and the polypropylene surgical wrap material will be used as the lining for extra protection. This surgical wrap is moisture wicking and breathable with microbial barrier protectant. Use of this surgical wrap was designed and sourced with the team at M Health Fairview and is being tested in medical facilities across the country for its efficacy.

Production of the Homer Hanky Masks has begun and we are excited to help transform stock of this iconic Minnesota item into essential, protective material for those who are bravely and selflessly working to help us all during this pandemic.

Thank you for your support!