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Spring is finally here! Never have I been more grateful for Mother Nature’s annual re-awakening. Now Mother’s Day is just aroundthe corner and, really, isn’t this also the year to be more grateful than ever about Mothers? COVID has taught us to stop taking so much goodness in our lives for granted.

Let’s start gratitude where it all truly begins — with Mom. As someone whose athletic career was more downs than ups, I’m glad to be on an extended winning streak when it comes to what matters most in life, mothers. My grandmas were great, my mom was amazing, my wife was awesome with our four kids and now our oldest daughter is a fantastic mom to our granddaughter. I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate in Spring 2021.

“As American as Motherhood and Apple Pie” is an old saying that also fits our company. We’re extremely grateful for the support that we work to earn as Minnesota’s longest operating manufacturing company. Our history is a reflection of American history’s best — community, jobs, innovation, perseverance and commitment. We celebrate all of those things this spring. The photo at the top is of the women who work in our Mill, many of them also working mothers. We celebrate them and their amazing dedication this spring, too. Thank you for joining us on the journey.

Stay well and best wishes,

Paul Grangaard

Chariman & CEO