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Greetings! With the many catalogs you’ll receive this month, we’re very grateful that you’ve opened ours.

Our company was founded in 1865 and still produces gorgeous woolens using time-honored weaving methods. In fact, our “new” mill — built in 1892 to harness energy from Faribault’s beautiful Cannon River dam — is on the National Register of Historic Places. We’ve been supplying warm blankets to West Point Cadets and our military since before WW1. The ghosts of 155 years of weaving artisans watch over us throughout our halls, cheering us on.

With their inspiration, our company is experiencing a renewal that is evident in the pages of this catalog. New designs, including some from amazing guest artists, have helped us pursue our two overarching goals: 1) To absolutely thrill customers with sustainable woolens of unsurpassed quality, beauty and value; and 2) To grow more American Middle Class jobs. Despite COVID, our company’s employment is up over 35% in 2020. With many old and new ways to warm your heart as well as your home, there’s much for you to enjoy and to share.

Perhaps more than any other period in our lifetimes, our country really needs the spirits of Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. In his immortal “A Christmas Carol”, Charles Dickens called this time of year “a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time...when men and women seem by one consent to open their hearts freely.” It’s our wish that you, your family and friends find this year especially to be as Dickens described. Thank you for your support of our Made in USA company!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Paul Grangaard

Chariman & CEO