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Factory Second Information

It takes 22 steps and at least 12 people to craft a Faribault Woolen Mill blanket from start to finish. Sometimes during that process, we make mistakes. When these mistakes are identified during our production and inspection processes, the item which has the mistake is tagged as a “Factory Second.” While these Factory Seconds don’t make the cut as “first quality” they are still made of the same high-quality wool fabric as our “first quality” products. Some of the most common blemishes that make an item a factory second are off-size and miss-weaves. A more complete list is below in the Frequently Asked Questions.


                                                                      Key things to know

  • The Fabric on a Factory Second is the same high-quality fabric we use on our first quality goods.
  • All Sales of Factory Seconds are final, no returns.
  • Not every product is available in a Factory Second.


      Frequently Asked Questions

            • What types of Factory Seconds will be available during the online sale?
              • A mis-weave factory second occurs when a singular yarn is out of place. In most cases this will create a situation where the weaving pattern of the yarn will look inconsistent.
              • An off-size factory second occurs when the blanket or throw is larger or smaller than our specifications. The variance from specification can be up to 4 inches larger and 1 inch smaller for blankets and throws. For example, our Queen-size Revival Blanket is made in a size of 90x90 (width x length), an off-size factory second for a Queen-size Revival Blanket could measure out to be 89x90, making it a bit narrower.
              • Selvedge factory seconds happen when the finished edge of the fabric gets damaged during production causing the edge to be inconsistent. This only happens on products that have a selvedge edge. Blankets with selvedge damage will not have a completely clean edge.
              • Contamination factory seconds occur when lint, hay, or other vegetable matter is on the product.
              • Pattern factory seconds occur when a patterned blanket or throw is woven incorrectly. For example, on the Faribault plaid throw the plaid squares might be woven wider than expected.
              • A fringe factory second occurs when the fringe elements on a throw are not properly twisted or are the incorrect length. This only happens on the throws that have fringe on the edges.
              • Mixed fill factory seconds occur when wool fluff or an incorrect color of wool gets mixed into the woven fabric or yarn. This causes some unexpected color spots on the blanket or throw.
              • Bars factory seconds occur when there are slight variations to the color on a solid color blanket or throw. These color variations are separated by what look like "bars", which is how these factory seconds got their description.
              • A scorched factory second occurs when a blanket is burned by a heat transfer emblem iron. Several of our blankets have emblems ironed on, and sometimes the heat transfer iron burns the blanket.
              • A color run factory second happens when the color of woven fabric bleeds during production causing the blanket to not be the expected color. This typically only happens with red blankets or throws.
              • A screen print factory second occurs when the screen print is out of place or the dye on the screen print is not consistent. This only happens on blankets and throws that have a screen print.
              • Light place factory seconds occur when there is an inconsistency in the yarn which causes the color of the woven blanket in a certain spot to appear lighter. This does not cause the blanket thickness to be thinner than expected, it only lightens the color in a specific spot.
              • A nap factory second occurs when a blanket or throw has been brushed too much or too little during the napping process of production. The napping process of production is when the woven fabric is brushed to make the fabric softer. If an item is overbrushed the pattern will distort, and if it is under brushed it will not be as soft as desired. 
                  • What other types of Factory Seconds are there which will NOT be sold online?
                    • A stain factory second happens when one of our pieces of equipment gets grease on an item during production.

                  We make our products from start to finish in the USA at our Woolen Mill in Faribault MN. We're proud of our products, including our Factory Seconds. See the steps we take to make our wool blankets in our video factory tour below.