From Natural Beginnings

The Faribault blankets and accessories that we craft in our mill are born in the pastures and shearing barns of farms primarily in the U.S. It’s important to us that our wool comes from ranches that care as deeply as we do about the health of the sheep and the land they graze on.

A Planet-Friendly Fiber

What makes wool so good for the earth? It starts in the fields, where grazing sheep help improve the soil quality and absorb carbon from the air. Plus, wool lasts longer than other materials, it requires less washing and it’s 100% biodegradable so it won’t fill up landfills. 

A Sense of Re-Purpose

In our constant quest to preserve resources and avoid waste, Faribault crafts a range of products and accessories made from recycled wool. The popular Pure & Simple Utility Blanket is made from a combination of leftover virgin wool fiber and sewing scraps. And the Northern Lights Wool Throw is a zero-waste product made from 100% re-purposed yarn.

A Community of Craftspeople

At Faribault, we believe sustainability goes beyond just caring for the environment.  We aspire to create a business model that sustains our employees, our community and serves as a model for responsible American manufacturing that can be passed on for generations. Just like the products we make.