Claudia Brahms

Claudia Brahms is a legendary textile designer and co-founder of Brahms Mount, a Maine-based cotton mill. With her family background in the fashion industry and interior design, she was surrounded by fabric and discovered her love of textiles at a young age. After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and while working in the textile industry in Maine, she met her husband, Noel Mount, Textile Engineer. Together, they founded Brahms Mount in 1983 and pioneered the first four seasons cotton blanket in the North American market.

Adam Turman

Adam Turman is an illustrator, muralist, and screen printer from Minneapolis. His bold style offers colorful takes on beloved landmarks and the great outdoors. Adam’s murals can be found throughout the Midwest, and his prints in private collections world wide. He works with major brands, independent businesses, and private collectors alike to make art part of our every day.

Dyani White Hawk

Dyani White Hawk (Sičáŋǧu Lakota) is a visual artist and independent curator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. White Hawk earned a MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2011) and BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico (2008).

Tayo Onadein

Born in Nigeria, Tayo Onadein now lives in North Carolina, the historic center of the U.S. furniture and textile makers. His work has been sold in the finest markets from London to New York to Australia. He is a graduate of the famous Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

Laurie Jacobi

A graphic artist turned storyteller, Laurie Jacobi is based in Minnesota where the great outdoors and Scandinavian legends of nature inspire her art. Her work has been exhibited in Norwegian and Swedish heritage museums from Seattle to Washington D.C and in Scandinavia itself.

Jimmy Reagan

Jimmy Reagan is an extremely gifted artist who has been creating art since 2009. Diagnosed with complex autism at age 2 and a half, Jimmy’s work offers him a means to illustrate his perspective of the world. Reagan is a true outsider artist as he has no formal training. His work is expressive and inventive while innocent and sophisticated at the same time. Jimmy’s favorite subjects are portraits, both people and animals.

Thad Nakao

Introducing the Thad Nakao Throw Blankets. Stunning creations designed by renowned Hawaiian artist Thad Nakao.