Acrylic. Spun poly. Polyethylene terephthalate. Those were the textiles making headlines back in the early ’80s when Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount launched the company they called Brahms Mount Textiles. Working with natural fibers, classic design and a determination to bring back – and sustain – American manufacturing, they saw a new trend toward “nesting” and trusted their instincts that it would take off.

Inspired by color, texture and natural fibers, the first pieces to come off the production line were made of proprietary yarns spun from natural flax, wool and cotton fibers. The pieces were woven by a core staff of skilled local craftspeople using antique shuttle looms, the backbone of Maine's textile tradition since the 1800s.

The team worked out of a mill in Hallowell, Maine, overlooking the Kennebec River, just upstream from where ship docks once hummed with activity as Maine’s textile industry rose to world-renowned status. In keeping with the state’s rich textile heritage, these dedicated artisans turned out heirloom-quality blankets and throws that quickly caught the attention of customers looking for something more wholesome, distinctive and enduring than the ubiquitous poly-based products.

In 2009, the company was sold to David Kaufman. David renamed it Brahms Mount and began the process of reenergizing the brand, expanding product offerings, adding new fibers and marketing the new company on a national and global basis. In short order, it paid off. Brahms Mount was on the map with the hallmarks that still define the brand today: Fine craftsmanship. Superior quality. Iconic style.

Today, David is proud to own one of the few remaining American mills, where antique shuttle looms and natural fibers turn out modern examples of our proud legacy of textile manufacturing. David calls Brahms Mount a living testament to the best of American workmanship, ingenuity and tenacity.

By 2013, Brahms Mount's talented team of artisans had outgrown its original headquarters in Hallowell, and the company moved to freshly refurbished mill space 15 miles down the road in Monmouth, Maine. That same year, we opened our flagship retail store in Freeport, Maine. Stop by the next time you’re in town and soak up the sensory delights of Brahms Mount and other American-made brands we love.